Thursday, April 21, 2011


Relased : 2010
Country : Indonesia
Format File : DVD-Rip
Starring : Maria Ozawa
Genre : Comedy

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Mulya Hidayat, producer of “Menculik Miyabi” mentioned in the script before the film tells about Miyabi arrivals to Indonesia in the framework of the holidays.
In the movie “Menculik Miyabi” is told, Jakarta is in a hot atmosphere, where a lot of commotion happening everywhere. And suddenly, someone set fire to cars Miyabi. Then Miyabi, rescued by a young man who then familiar with it.

The movie will be ready to appear in a moment, Miyabi got a role as a model advertising a product. And planned to come to Indonesia to meet the winner of the competition that was held product. But his passport was missing.
So he too cancel to come to Jakarta.

While many people already waiting kedatangannnya at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. At that time, there are passing a tourist from China who like Miyabi. It even has a name almost identical: Mie Yaobie.Without delay, she got chased by his fans directly. When pursued, he entered the wrong car.

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